Welcome to an international podium aimed to explore how education, lifestyle, society, business, governance is changing and how it is and can be influenced through sport.

Staged for its 2nd edition in Rome, the conference gathered expertise & experiences to analyze cross sector and local/regional impact by means of ‘Sport integration’; ‘Education Through Sport’ (ETS) adoption; as well as its perspectives in the fields of management, inclusiveness and sustainability


Integrations of ETS methodology  

  • The European Dimension of ETS
  • Towards a comprehensive model of general applicability
  • Sports Tourism / Events
    and Traditional Games

  • Sports Tourism Management
  • Sports Tourism Sustainability
  • Sports for a Healthy Lifestyle

    Empowerment Through Sport

  • Inclusion and Integration through Sport
  • A dual career path for semi and sport professionals


    The conference intends to analyzed cross-sector and local impact by means of sport integration / Education Through Sport (ETS) adoption as well as its perspectives in the fields of management, inclusiveness and sustainability.

    Bringing together experts, stakeholders, research, expertise and experiences from various institutes and entities ICSE 2023 expects to draw a global cross-section of the phenomenon, to enable mutual understanding; knowledge sharing; and the identification of new, innovative ways of applying the language of sport into performance models.

    WHEN was it held?

    Friday 24 November 2023

    From 09:30 till 17:00h CET


    Live 24 November 2023 from 09:30h

    No worry if you missed the opportunity 

    Find sessions & interviews recorded


    • Prof. Mehmet Emre Güler, PhD and Prof. Dr. Volkan Altıntaş announced at the conference that İzmir Katip Çelebi University will host ICSE’s 3rd edition in İZMİR (Türkiye).
      Stay engaged ! More information about ICSE 2024 – on this Platform soon
    • Sapienza Posters Challenge – 3 teams were nominated to presented their studies and ideas and will be invited to engage in the 2024 edition
    • Academic & Project Poster presentations
    • Network at the Clubhouse at Sapienza Sport triggered a Expanding ICSE club

    WHO ATTENDED and are invited for 2024

    Researchers, academics, professional athletes, coaches, civil society organisations, staff of sports organisations, sports tourism entrepreneurs, sport suppliers, policymakers, sport passionates and interested. 

    JOIN US!

    We welcome you to express your ICSE PLATFORM interest, suggestions 
    and / or secure your place in İZMİR


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