Education Module Principles and Design Methodologies

Meet designers, initiators and attend the Plenary session …. at ICSE 2024 for insights on new education modules and pilots. Also experience the outcomes as below listed modules are incorporated in the Conference (and symposium?) programme, with Students presenting their assignments – that clearly are aligned to the ICSE 2024 scope.

Mentorship for University Students

Following education modules will be introduced:

Student Challenge

Blended Approach of formal and non formal educational scheme at Higher Education Institution Mine Vaganti NGO in the realm of formal and non-formal education (NFE), promotes a pioneering and transformative initiative known as “Student Challenge” aimed at university students. 

This innovative educational module harnesses elements from the academic world, such as poster presentations, and melds them with structured guidelines to foster students’ critical thinking and analysis skills. Through a blend of non-formal education techniques and a bespoke mentorship scheme, participants delve into real-world case studies, crafting their own tailored solutions. The culmination of their effort’s manifests in a collaborative poster presentation, wherein teams showcase their insights and proposals.

Not merely an academic exercise, the Student Challenge serves as a dynamic platform for honing soft skills, refining public speaking prowess, boosting the entrepreneurial acumen. Originally piloted in collaboration with La Sapienza University, this initiative has since expanded to include partnerships with esteemed institutions like Fordham University of New York and numerous others. Central to its success is the fusion of experiential learning opportunities with tangible outcomes, wherein students receive recognition and marks for their innovative endeavors, thereby bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders

CONCEPT – The Student Challenge is an immersive mentoring program designed to solidify academic knowledge and apply it within its practical domain. Through a structured training regimen, students develop essential skills for their field, combining hands-on workshops and project-based learning with critical thinking and lateral thinking approaches.

IMPLEMENTATION – Students start with defined objectives and are tasked with identifying the most effective solutions to achieve them by applying design principles and methodologies. This process involves building strategies based on theoretical studies, which are then translated into concrete and actionable intervention plans through NFE pathways that blend teamwork, simulations, and final presentations.  

OUTCOMES – By the end of the challenge, students will have acquired the ability to develop and shape ideas using the methodological framework of design while strengthening their academic knowledge. The mentoring program will also enhance their analytical, problem-solving, and teamwork skills, providing them with valuable tools to face future professional challenges. 

The ICSE 2024 Student Challenge

Exploration of the confluence of sports club careers /

Following University’s incorporated the Student Challenge in their courses and their students are expected to present life / or in streaming their assignments at ICSE 2024:  

  • WSEI University  
  • La Sapienza University of Rome 
  • Fordham University of New York 
  • IKCU

Business Challenge

More info soon


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