The conference will be held at Centro di Servizi sportivi Sapienza Sport, the Sport service center of Sapienza Università di Roma

In accordance with the institutional purposes entrusted, the Sapienza Sport center has the task to:

  • Promote the increase in sports practice for university students;
  • Promote the organization of sporting activities, introductory and advanced courses in the various disciplines, competitive activities at universities and within the various sports federations;
  • Collaborate, also through agreements with public and private entities, in the planning and direct or indirect implementation of sporting events;
  • Provide for the management of all the University’s sports facilities.


Centro di Servizi Сапиенца Спорт

Тор ди Квинто, Виа делле Форначи ди Тор ди Квинто,  

00191 – Рома, Италия

For its activities the Center must be inspired by the following principles:

  • Involve as a priority and enhance the contribution of students, professors and university professors and technical-administrative and library staff;
  • Promote the full development of the personality and overall education of students. SapienzaSport prioritizes collaborative relationships with student associations and Sapienza employee associations.



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Furthermore, the service center promotes collaborations with cultural associations, public and/or private bodies and institutions.


At the sport complex, in the midst of Athletes, Sportive Students and academics makes the Sapienze Sport Center and shows its objectives with the hosting and organization of the conference and many other initiatives / events, as well as potential participation in (European) projects

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  • На самолете с множеством рейсов в день из многих частей мира в Фьюмичино и Чампино это 2 международных аэропорта.
  • На машине, with the note that to beware of morning and evening traffic jams find on the map the coordinates for your navigator – parking facilities are found at the venue premises.

Recommended for safeguarding carbon footprint:

  • By train, well connected also internationally – find national connections here
  • By boat / saiI – Ferry connections / Yacht harbors
  • Из аэропорта Фьюмичино, Самый быстрый способ — взять Леонардо экспресс поезд, который доставит вас прямо до вокзала Термини. Также хорошей альтернативой являются частные прямые автобусы перед терминалом 3 аэропорта.
  • Из аэропорта Чампино, Частные прямые автобусы обеспечивают хорошее прямое сообщение перед (небольшим) аэропортом. В противном случае возьмите Автобус «Астрал срл», который заканчивает свое путешествие на станции Ананьина. Оттуда на метро 'А' который доставит вас прямо к вокзалу Термини.

The Venue ‘Sapienza Sport’ is allocated distant from Rome’s center. By public transportation, it takes ca. 1 hour to reach

At Termini station (at the center of Rome), follow the signs for the Metro,

  1. Take metro line B direction Jonio and exit at Jonio* which is the end-station
  2. Walk out of the station, (turn left and left again at the end of the street )
  3. Take Bus 69 – and get out at Foro Italico/Tor Di Quinto bus stop
  4. Walk last part to (ca. 9 minutes) Venue

* nb. from Jonio station its time-wise more convenient to take a tax = 15 euro ca.

  • By foot,   информация о маршруте скоро  
  • By bicycle,  информация о маршруте скоро

Within the area of the Venue unfortunately besides nice luxury hotels, we cannot provide you any particular recommendation other than to verify quotes and availability through the known Booking websites  

Note that unfortunately room prices have increased significantly in Rome since spring 2023.

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