ICSE is more than a conference

The International Conference on Sport and Education [ICSE] intents to function as a Podium for academic research and as a Platform for sharing best practices, debate and focus on employing: the methodology of ETS

Sport can teach values such as fairness, teambuilding, equality, discipline, inclusion, perseverance and respect. Sport contributes to a healthy lifestyle and has the power to provide a universal framework for learning values, thus contributing to personal wellbeing and development of (soft) skills up to favorable conditions triggering responsible citizenship

Платформа призвана доказать и поразмышлять о том, как спорт расширяет традиционные образовательные парадигмы, привнося новые инструменты и процедуры. Комплексный и многосекторальный подход к образованию через спорт [ETS] и сценарии его применения – для принятия заинтересованными сторонами и воздействия на общество

Короче говоря, «использование спорта для построения лучшего мира», как цитирует Сотрудничество ООН и МОК    

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ICSE annual Podium

For all who have a stake in Sports and Education an annual international conference is held to explore a global cross-section of related research; (best) practices in Sport and Education; analyze cross-sector / regional impact of ETS adoption as well as its perspectives in thematic fields / topics focus.

For all who have a stake in Sports and Education an annual international conference is held to explore a global cross-section of related research; (best) practices in Sport and Education; analyze cross-sector / regional impact of ETS adoption as well as its perspectives in thematic fields / topics focus.

The annual podium intends to promote awareness, knowledge sharing, identification and adoption of new ways of applying the language of sport into performance models.

The annual event is organized to strengthen the platform, connect and meet representatives on a interdisciplinary level – e.g user groups, developers, policymakers, scientists, professionals from Sport Clubs, NGOs, educational institutions, universities, public authorities, sport suppliers, social enterprises – etc.

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To follow up the  enthusiasm encountered on ICSE’s 2023 edition,  for all with a stake in Tourism – note this year’s podium introduces a Sport Tourism Symposium as integrated part of ICSE 2024 as well as for ICSE Platform engagement and future focus.

For its intercontinental outreach, the English language is used for communication and spoken during the conference, and Turkish translators will be present on site in Izmir.

ICSE 2024 - Conference Focus:

  • Education Innovation & ETS methodology adoption
  • Elevating beyond boundaries, the ETS methodology transforms into a comprehensive model with broad / trans-national applicability. Mentorship, skills, training, reflection, and intervention become integral components, weaving seamlessly into the fabric of ETS as an educational tool within the non-formal education [NFE] framework. This versatile model finds resonance across diverse fields and purposes.

    • Comprehensive model design (COMPETs) / uptake of global & general applicability
    • ETS accreditation (UN / EC / National) status & insights on adoption across sectors
    • ETS incorporation in Innovative pedagogic methodologies / Sport modules
    • Schools of the future and the importance of physical education

  • Smartization for Sport and Education
    • Smart innovations & Sport / Educational applications
    • Smart gear & Performance measurement
    • e-Sports & Gamifcation
    • AI transformation potentials & attention (EU AI pact)

  • Sport Club careers empower active citizenship
  • Exploration of the confluence of sports club careers / volunteering with work and/ or education, dedicated pathways and cross-sectoral competencies take center stage

    • Club career benefits & Real Life experiences
    • Civic Responsibility up to Societal healthy lifestyle

  • SDG impact on the field
    • Implementation strategies & (UN) Best practices
    • Opportunities for sport & education providers
    • Local business Inclusion & Eco potentials

    ICSE 2024 - Symposium Focus:

  • Sport Tourism & Education
  • Unveiling sports as a catalyst for territorial development, the conference immerses in the intricacies of managerial models fueling the growth of sports tourism. The focus intensifies on this growing niche from various perspectives. Sports tourism, akin to a sought-after expedition, is explored within the context of borderless experiences, engaging enthusiasts both as active participants and impassioned spectators

    • Digital Transformation opportunities / best practices
    • Sustainable Destination niche / best practices
    • Event and Destination management
    • Wellness and Healthy lifestyle
    • Education sector attention / courses

    Спортивный туризм – один из самых востребованных видов туризма. В частности, с исчезновением границ, благодаря соответствующему планированию, практически каждый может активно или в качестве зрителя участвовать в организациях спортивного туризма. Проще говоря, спортивный туризм можно определить как вид туризма, созданный теми, кто путешествует с целью занятий спортом (Alpull, Ak; 2018).

    Интерактивные дебаты

    Themes and cases within the ICSE 2024 scope will be discussed from various angles, including expected societal and economic benefits, ethics, public perceptions and involvement, and the regulatory framework.

    The conference and symposium will address listed key topics in plenary sessions with keynote speakers presenting their experiences, research and visions, challenging views and innovative tools. on site and in streaming – that in turn they will be challenged by the organizing partners and/or participants engagement during the sessions.

    Thematic Parallel sessions and activities are foreseen in the afternoon, including stakeholder Pannels will address interactive sessions presenting findings and real life experiences

    In between the plenary and parallel  sessions network opportunities will be provided, to discuss conference topics and renew their networks with research, user groups and stake holding representatives as well as EC /UN project matchmake opportunities

    Both event days will be closed by a participatory session, wherein the organizers and speakers will engage the audience to address Q&A’s on presentations held and in a debate over potential partnerships and schemes of a European up to potential intercontinental follow-up – to further develop the platform and enhance its sustainability in a long-term perspective

    Call for Paper Submission and Poster Presentation

    Researchers are invited to submit their papers for publication in an academic journal and/or posters for presentation on site during the conference breaks and/or sessions  

    Also Best Practices, Project ideas are invited  

    For information and submission – soon more info can be found in the RESEARCH page

    Event Organization

    The is organized by: İzmir Katip Çelebi University, (Türkiye), Mine Vanagnti NGO (Italy), La Sapienza University of Rome (Italy), NGO Nest Berlin (Germany)

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    Event host:  IKCU

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    Запросы и предложения

    For specific information about the conference and/or symposium programme, engagement to the ICSE platform and or related initiatives – kindly контакт координатор ICSE    

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